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About us

      Who, when at school age, sews dresses for themselves and their puppets and makes money for the first school creating creations for classmates, does not have to answer the question "who will I be in  przysz", faces the dilemma of how to do it.

    The boundary of true passion is professionalization, which subordinates everything to one field and elevates it through craftsmanship to the rank of art. This is how we understand tailoring.


    We have been drawing, cutting and sewing continuously since 2003 at the Ciepielewska Design studio combined with convenience.

    Our mission is to make the woman wearing our clothes smile when she sees herself. We make sure that every thing emphasizes the strengths of the figure. The details we use are a distinguishing feature and are designed to introduce our clients to the world of luxury.


    Our activities are aimed at providing such products that will contribute to the lives of our customers, taking them to a better future.

    Clothes are supposed to provide self-confidence, motivating in their beauty to make dreams come true and achieve goals._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d

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